Italian track day ends with Lamborghini Gallardo in a ditch

Supercar ownership may seem like nothing but good times to those of us who don't have one, but even after you absorb the massive cost of owning and maintaining one it's not all hooning and impressing members of the opposite sex.


This video does a great job illustrating the highest highs and the slightly embarrassing still-not-very-low lows that you could experience upon buying an exotic car.

On one hand you have a machine capable of making the glorious noise showcased in the first part of this video while you, the exotic car owner, fly around an Italian track at high speed. On the other hand, if you pull off to the side of a narrow road after said track day to let someone pass, you could look pretty ridiculous when your super low exotic car gets stuck in a ditch.


To add insult to (no) injury someone with a video camera will likely show up and videotape your helpless Lamborghini being saved by a rope and a normal automobile. It will not be cool. Hoards of slightly jealous non exotic car owners will watch and find the footage amusing. Upon reminding yourself you have a Lamborghini Gallardo in the garage, you will not care.


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Just remember, it could always be worse....