It Seems Like The McLaren P1 Doesn't Need Breaking-In

The McLaren P1 is my favorite of the the 918/LaFerrari/P1 trio, and it's nice to see some buyers will use theirs as such a machine deserves to be driven: fast from day one.

Well, day two, technically.

Michael Benham got his black P1 delivered to Switzerland just a day before hitting the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium during McLaren's "Pure" track day event. Now, I know manufacturers say their cars don't need breaking-in anymore, but when it comes to a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 that is tuned to produce 727 horsepower, I would keep those revs low for the first couple of thousand miles.


Mr. Benham did not do that, but hey, it's his car.

It still fascinates me that such a car can also work on the road. That quality was totally new for 2013.

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An update on the cars in my neighborhood, so far as I've said one guy has a red Enzo, another has a black Scuderia convertible & a red Magnum P.I. 328GTS.

Now as of today a 20 something year old kid has a new blue McLaren, obviously I have the wrong job :(