It’s 2022, What Car Feature Did You Think We’d Have By Now?

Pop culture has made a lot of predictions about the future of driving, but what features did you expect to be real by 2022?

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a black and white photo of the Aero Mobil flying car with the caption "Where's my flying car?"
Seriously guys, where is it?
Photo: Aero Mobil

It’s the year of our lord 2022. So if we are to follow the gospel of Marty McFly, we should have robotic gas stations, hoverboards and flying cars by now. But, if you glance out your window, you’ll be disappointed to see that none of these are a reality.

And it wasn’t just Back To The Future that was making outlandish predictions for the future of driving and transportation. Oh no, we’ve been promised a host of exciting features that always look to be just around the corner, and are apparently still waiting there.


So, with that in mind, we want to uncover the futuristic car features that you thought would be a reality by now.

Maybe you’re surprised that the majority of our transport is still confined to the ground. Or, perhaps, you thought that by the time 2022 came around we’d have futuristic holographic displays in all our cars.


Then, there’s all the talk of self-driving cars, autonomous trucks and robotic delivery drones. None of those are widespread just yet.

Maybe you have had slightly more conservative ambitions for the future. Perhaps you hoped that massaging seats would have become the norm in a lot more cars. Or you had dreams of a tire that never needed replacing – no, just me?


There’s a lot of space for improvements in the world of cars. So what are the features that you expected to be commonplace by the time we arrived to 2022?

Whatever the feature, we want to hear about the things that you’re surprised don’t exist yet. Bonus points if you can remember when you first heard of the creative idea.


Let us know your suggestions for the top features you thought we’d have by 2022, and we’ll round up some of the best responses later on today.