Is Your New Fisker Karma Too Practical? Velvet Is The Answer!

Even with the unexplained fires and cramped interior and portly weight, no one can deny the Fisker Karma is a stunningly beautiful car. However, if you're looking for something to give your car a special appeal to plushies or maybe give it another great, non-electrical reason never to get it wet, the folks at Wrap Experts have the solution for you.

Wrap your Karma in Velvet!

Sure, why not? The velvety texture looks as good as one of those black rubber bumpers on 80s cars after years of weathering without all the time commitment! The surface of your car will now have a sensual, fuzzy feeling, as well as collect dust and cat hair and stains like you wouldn't believe!


Hot damn! Sign me the fuck up!

(Thanks, Robb Holland!)

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