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Here's a nice long one for you to relax with over the weekend. Though it might require a bit of research. Y'all remember Jason with the Scimitar? He sent us this:

Today, in the shower, a question popped into my head that perhaps you'll find compelling enough to ask Jalopdom: Is Volkswagen the only major auto producer to never have developed and sold a conventional front-engine/rear drive (Systeme Panhard) car?

VW started, of course, with rear-engine/rear drive cars, then jumped to the now very common front engine (transverse, usually)/front drive. Aside from all-wheel drive cars, I can't think of any VW that has the front engine/rear drive combo. Except for that rebadged Dodge/Hillman thing they sold in Brazil, but that wasn't really their car, so we won't count that.

I think pretty much every other big car company, regardless of how weird or French their engineering is, had the usual front engine/rear drive models: pre-Traction Avant Citroëns, plenty of Fiats, hell, even some early Tatras had that layout.

Maybe some comparatively recent auto companies have only made front drivers, like Proton or something. Maybe Subaru is like VW in this way- were all their 2WD cars front drive?

Anyway, I think it could be a mildly interesting question, especially if it proves to be the case.


This proves two things. First, our friends take showers. Second, friends of Jalopnik love cars. OK, so yeah, discounting Malaysian manufacturers like Perodua, is Jason right?


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