Is This What The Audi Q4 Crossover Will Look Like?

Not to be left in the dust by BMW in the multiplying luxury sports crossover segment, Audi has released drawings of its latest concept debuting this month at the Beijing Auto Show. They'll probably give us a new phrase to categorize their concept too, because that's what everyone is doing these days.

This as-yet-unnamed Audi crossover concept has some similar cues to the Allroad Shooting Brake concept that was shown in January in Detroit. That concept went on to show design cues for the 2015 Audi TT. You could argue this drawing is a little like a four-door "coupe" version of the shooting brake.


Autocar seems to think this a preview into an upcoming Audi Q4, something to compete head-on with the 2015 BMW X4 that we'll see up close next week in New York. However, Audi is also rumored to be developing the TT into a sub-brand. Is this really a four-door TT?

Either way, if this Audi concept is destined to become a real car, it'll probably fit into some niche already occupied by another German automaker.

Photos: Audi

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