Patented images of unknown Volkswagen designs appeared this morning—over 20 in total—and they could either be upcoming concepts or nothing more than just part of a design competition.

The images are located on a World Intellectual Property Organization registry, and they depict various designs registered to Volkswagen, but that’s about as far as we know anything. (To get to the registry page, click on the link above, search by “Numbers” and type 092720 into “Registration.”)


Motor1 thinks that this image in particular depicts an autonomous concept due to its conspicuous lack of a windshield.

The WIPO registry reveals nothing more than the filing date of September 22, 2016, however. There are 23 designs, ranging from a toaster-looking object to a sleek-looking concept car.


We have reached out to Volkswagen for comment on these images and will update if we hear back.


via VWVortex

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