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What looks like a Japanese dealer spec sheet for the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser has apparently been leaked. Looks legitimate to me; which would mean the next Cruiser’s getting a little chrome eyeliner and some interesting tech options.


Source of the leaked photos seems to be Instagramer hamad1two3, who’s posted ten pages of a document loaded with illustrations and options on what is almost definitely (right?) the upcoming facelifted Land Cruiser. Almurabanet put these into video form and was kind enough to stick it on YouTube, but you can see them all over the internet by now.

Images suggest the new Cruiser will have driver safety aids like pedestrian and blind-spot warnings, but it looks like there’s also this tilt-meter integrated with an external camera that I find particularly intriguing. Take a look at the middle-right here:

Anybody else think that’s some kind of terrain-sounder?

Our Japanese correspondent Kat Callahan tells me “it has three options for steering wheels, three options for alloy wheels, two different options for the instrument cluster... projector headlights... and LED daytime running lights” according to the text. Doesn’t seem to be anything substantial on the engines or suspension setup, if it’s changed at all from the current offerings.


Looks like a whole bunch of wood and leather trim choices too. Which makes sense, as of course you’ll remember the current Land Cruiser starts at $80,155.

Hat tip to Josh!

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