Is this the next Lexus LS?

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Japanese magazine Mag-X speculates on the next major update of the Lexus LS flagship, due in 2013. Expect the six-figure sedan-o-fortress to make another stab upward toward parity with the likes of Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8.


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I find this...disappointing.

The Lexus LS has always struck me as having a design language that it utterly derivative. From the original LS400 to the current LS460, the design of the Lexus flagship has always had that "me-too" look to it. As strange as it may sound, that's exactly what I've always loved about them. Unlike Porsches, Land Rovers, or Mercedes-Benzes, which all seem to think that luxury must be flaunted in the face of others, the Lexus LS seemed to understand that luxury is a wholly personal experience. The rest of the world need not know or care that you are pampering yourself in a luxury cruiser. It's not their business, and it's not about them. It's about you enjoying your luxury. This is your haven. The less attention from others, the better.

To that end, the Lexus LS was at one point a master of subtlety, along with other cars like the G50 and Y33 Infiniti Q45, the E38 7-series, and the M-B W116 S-class. They were about personal luxury and nothing else. If truly you are wealthy, you don't need to flaunt it. Leave the flashiness to the kids with their Camaros or Civics or what not.

Like a soft, jazzy melody on a baby grand piano, those cars were the ultimate in luxury.

This sketch, along with the current Lexus LS also strike me as being derivative, but in a bad way. Instead of being derivative of subtle, understated elegance and personal luxury, they are derivative of over-the-top, in-your-face flashiness with their wannabe-coupe-esque profiles and big chrome wheels.

There are no more real luxury cars anymore; there seems only to be flash-my-wallet cars now. Any sense of classiness is long gone.

It's really too bad.