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We kind of feel auto shows in North American are moving away from international "reveal" type shows and back to what they started as. Could next week’s be the last truly "international" Detroit Auto Show?


Cars show started as regional showcases intended to put new products in front of customers. They were run by dealers, sort of as flashy pop up showrooms, not big media events with the international unveiling of new products. Now, with just about every new car either leaking or being officially unveiled ahead of time, drastically slashed marketing budgets and a general reduction of interest in dry ice and lasers, big auto shows are losing their appeal. Neither Porsche nor Nissan will attend next week’s show. Honda isn’t doing an official unveiling. Could this be the end?

No. While we can clearly see things trending in that direction, we don’t think this will be the last time manufacturers unveil major new products in Detroit. Call it a gut feeling, call it an industry rooted in tradition, or a reluctance to change. But this won’t be the last time Ray makes us all fly to Detroit in January.


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