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Jeez, the embargo leaks just keep showering upon us like Manna from heaven. We're being told by the Frenchie folks at Caradisiac that the shot over there on the left's the first non-sketch image of Mitsubishi's Frankfurt Auto Show concept, the Concept-cX. If you'll remember, we showed you the sketches of Mitsu's latest concept car late last month and as you can see โ€” if this shot's for real โ€” it looks like they've dropped the new Lancer's front end on to a standard swoop-roof CUV. It's a good thing it's got that Evo X front end as the concept employs the same new 1.8-liter clean turbodiesel engine hooked to Mitsubishi's electronically controlled 4WD system and new Twin Clutch SSG (sport shift transmission) that'll be available in the Evo X. We guess we'll find out for sure when that CD of embargoed shots show up in the mail. Yup, any day now. [via Caradisiac]