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Is This Terrifying Wind Some Poltergeist Shit Or What

Remember the little girl from 1982's horror classic Poltergeist? The one that kept getting sucked into the closet because her parents were too high to just go ahead and move out? Well nature is apparently remaking that movie, and it is terrifying.


We’re talking about the adorable little blonde girl that stares at a static television before turning around and etching “they’re here” into our nightmares forever. Well, “they’re” apparently back.

This home security footage shows a little girl—hm!—getting blown away by a force the skeptics will tell you is wind:


Evidently everybody came out of the attack alright. But I say we need to look deeper. Look at the way her little legs lift up and then just hang there, almost like something is pulling her! And notice how whatever force waits until the exact moment the mom turns back towards the car before attempting to drag this poor child into a transition to a different sphere of consciousness.

If it were I, the kid(s) would be with family and I’d be on the phone with Tangina.

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I have a similar glass door that got caught by the wind a few weeks ago and ripped out the 2 pneumatic plungers and half the wooden frame as well.

I am impressed by the way she still held on to the tablet while flying.