Is This SA-11 'Buk' SAM Missing 2 Missiles The One That Shot Down MH17?

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A video has surfaced that supposedly shows an SA-11 “Buk” SAM system being flat-bedded out of Eastern Ukraine and into Russia. Regardless of its destination, what’s interesting is that two of its missiles are missing.

It is entirely common to fire two missiles in quick succession at a single target to improve the probability of a kill, and we also know that an AN-26 was shot down earlier in the week above shoulder fired missile range. Could this be the offending SA-11 that the US Government, and the world for that matter, is searching for? Did it indeed cross the border between Russia and Ukraine as we had reported as a possibility earlier in the day? We cannot be sure, but the video is extremely interesting to say the least, especially seeing as the mobile SAM is not being driven on the road under its own power as it had been photographed and filmed doing earlier in the week.


When heavy military vehicles need to get somewhere fast they are loaded onto a flat-bed tractor trailer. In this SA-11’s case, there are many very important reasons for pro-Russian Rebels, or the Russians themselves, to dispose of this vehicle as quickly as possible.

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