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Is This Guy Selling 15 Undriven Ford GTs?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's one thing to keep a single example of a desirable car in as-delivered condition in hopes of cashing in after production winds down. It's another to have fifteen pristine brand-new copies of the fastest cars Ford ever sold become available all at once.

Seller maindrainboat is listing what at first looks like one perfect, undriven 2006 Ford GT on eBay. It has 38.4 miles showing on the computerized odometer. The plastic is still on the passenger's seat and the delivery stickers are still in place. It is for all intents and purposes a brand new untouched car which has been sitting in a climate-controlled warehouse since its original purchase. As of this writing it has a top bid of $200,100.


Normally that would be envy-inducing enough for fans of the 200-mph retro-modern roadracer who missed out on the chance to buy one while they were in production, but if you're a bit short of cash during the eBay auction window or perhaps want something a bit less clichéd than the familiar pale-blue-and-orange Gulf livery, the seller is apparently happy to accommodate your desires:

Please email me with any questions on this or any of the other GT's in this collection. All colors and options are available with only shipping miles on them and all of them will be sold so don't miss your last chance to order your new Ford GT in the color you've been wating for. [Emphasis added.]


This is what happens when you think for the long term.

(Hat tip to I Can be Stig?!)