Is This Cadillac ATS The Brand's SEMA Surprise?

As we have experienced, the new Cadillac ATS is pretty damn good on the road.


But, like any car, we're longing for more power to put to the pavement. It looks like our dream might be coming true this fall.

We just learned that Cadillac tuning house D3 and GM are collaborating on a new concept version of the ATS that might make its debut later this year at one of the autoshows. While we were told the car is a collaboration, the paint scheme and big wheels are trademark D3. That's why we just don't believe this is the ATS-V.

There is no other info, so we aren't really in a place to speculate what the details are with the powertrain. We expect it to have an engine which employs internal combustion to move it forward and wheels that will be circular in shape when viewed from the side.

Since D3 is a tuner, we think the car might appear at the premier show for tuners, SEMA. The show is scheduled to run from October 30 until November 2 in Las Vegas.


Keep an eye out for this bad Caddy if you're there.

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