Is this a car chase or a vehicular ballet?

One of the more popular stunts at Disney's MGM Studios is the "Ballet Chase," which pits a bunch of tiny bad guys in black hatchbacks against a protagonist in a custom-bodied red sports car. How, exactly, does one get this Disney summer internship?


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IIRC, this show was originally called "Lights! Motors! Action!" The cars are pretty heavily modified (I think the main stunt car is custom-built), while the black chase cars are based on Opels. They have tiny fuel cells (only enough for one performance), special gearboxes which allow them to drive backwards equally well, drift-style handbrakes and cool-suits for the drivers (the mid-summer Florida heat can be a bitch.) I think the main stunt car's engine is from either a motorcycle or a snowmobile and is mid-mounted so the car will land correctly on the jumps.

There are all kinds of interesting factoids about the show (such as the tiny built-in water cannons in the arena floor to simulate bullet hits.)

Modern Marvels did an episode which showcased a lot of the tech behind Disney World and this one of the shows they featured.