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Is There A Sedan That Looks Better Than The Hatchback Version?

Illustration for article titled Is There A Sedan That Looks Better Than The Hatchback Version?

I was cruising down the road when I saw a brand new Impreza sedan, it puzzled me. I thought, "Why would anyone take the sedan over the hatch? Do they really think it looks better?" Recently, you showed us cars that just look better as wagons, but could the reverse be true?


Like most Jalops, I favor the 5-door body style in wagon or hatchback form over the more popular sedan. Part of this preference is very personal. My wife is a wheelchair user and while my car is not our primary transport, in a pinch we may need to use it. Most small and midsize sedans cannot accommodate a wheelchair, but hatchbacks seem to be pretty good about that....wagons are even better, but I've done enough rants on those.


I understand that style is subjective, but I am still at a loss as to any sedans that are superior in the aesthetics department to their hatchback versions. The Accord Crosstour could count, but that really is a different vehicle. Perhaps because we don't get many hatchbacks/wagons in the U.S. that also have sedan versions, my opinions are a bit skewed.

So maybe our international readers can help out with this one. Show us a sedan that looks better than the hatchback or wagon version of the same car.

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Kevin Barrett

5 Series GT anybody?