Is The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Good? A Cargument

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Volkswagen has been making little trucks for a long time, but at last week’s New York Auto Show, it teased America with the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak concept. The big question on everybody’s mind now is whether or not the Tanoak is any good.

To discuss this timely and considerable issue, I joined my colleague Kristen Lee in the cabin of the Tanoak on the show floor. Obviously we couldn’t drive the truck just yet, but we can still argue on the greater meaning and merits of the Tanoak.

Kristen claims the Tanoak is bad and pointless. I appealed to the hearts and minds of all Americans and defended the Tanoak, arguing it is, in fact, good.


Kristen’s argument focused on the truck market being oversaturated and she claims that any crossover is just as capable at hauling manure—an argument literally full of shit.

My argument had a historical foundation, and I genuinely believe the company named for the car of the people should build a truck of the people as well, which is exactly what the Tanoak is. Just a good, family friendly and perfectly capable truck, for the hardworking people of America.


And now the time has come for us to share our Cargument with you all, so watch the video and let us know in the comments who was right.