Look, we at Jalopnik are sort of biased when it comes to the small, light, honest, pure, emotional, exciting, intuitive, and interactive small roadster that is the Mazda Miata. Knowing how good each generation of the car has been, does the new one hold up as a pure expression of driving enthusiasm?

I’m going to loan out this opinion to the cool cats at XCAR, since we’ve sort of been non-stop about how great the new MX-5 Miata is since it dropped earlier this year and you should have a pretty good idea where we still stand.

Noted as the answer to every car-question on the internet, the new Miata has to live up to a firm reputation of being an affordable addendum to the boring and beige of the automotive world. Need a people-carrier? The Miata carries people great.


So how does the new guy hold up?

Unsurprisingly well. Mazda is surely on a roll right now, and it didn’t stop with the new Miata.

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