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Of course it'd be easy to assume the answer to the question posed in the headline is, "Yeah, cursed with rich boneheads who practice heel-toeing (at eight-tenths) in a 640-hp supercar." But is that a done deal, or is there something evil lurking within the clockworks of Lamborghini's most excellent Murcielago, the slate-gray LP640? WreckedExotics has already logged two catastrophic accidents of the special-edition Lambo, which was unveiled at the Geneva show this past March. In the latest incident (pictured), a driver had to be airlifted to the hospital after losing control while passing another car and slamming the Dark Lord into a tree, on the way to a press event. Prior to that, according to WE, a pre-production model was wrecked on public streets during testing. With the handful of so of these cars not yet in the hands of buyers, the accidents have been at the hands of, more or less, pros. Will the LP640 be a fast track to the Darwin Awards for upper-class contestants? Tune in later this year.

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