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Is The Joker Car From The New Batman Movie...A Truck?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Our gadget-obsessed brothers snagged some pics of a vehicle a tipster snapped shots of at a filming location for the new Batman movie. The boys at the Giz believe it's the vehicle for Joker from the new movie. We're not so sure and although it's certainly bigger than the new ride for Batman kind of feel like it could be one of the "secondary" vehicles. We're still hoping for a purple 1950's Plymouth ourselves.


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Whether or not this is the Joker's new ride, I'm pretty sure it gets thrashed in the movie. Driving through the Loop this morning, I saw a truck similar to this one on a huge trailer - but it was flipped on its roof and was all smashed up. There was a burned-out helicopter body under the L tracks too.

Its pretty sweet to see the area around your office transformed into a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Although, I guess I could experience that everyday if I got a job in Detroit.