Is The Forza Horizon 2 Opening Too Goofy Or Just Goofy Enough?

If you play the Forza Horizon 2demo you're going to be greeted by this live-action opening (or 'cinematic'). I liked it, other people found it overdone. What are your thoughts?

This actually reminded me of Michelle Williams reading poetry in the Wild Nothings


video for 'Paradise," which I immensely enjoyed. Maybe my brain is just wired to enjoy breathy women reading prose and poetry.

Here are responses from our friends at Kotaku:

"Smokes cigarette Seems fine to me."

"I think it's goofy."

"This is the goofiest."

"This is like Coachella in a commercial"

And my favorite:

"you know what i'd love to see... is a mario kart trailer done in this style."

A million Jaloppoints to whomever does that.

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