Rumor has it that the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) will move to ban drivers from competing both in their events and the Global RallyCross (GRC) series. This would mean WRC drivers like Sebastien Loeb and Ken Block, as well as European Rallycross drivers like Tanner Foust and Liam Doran, would no longer be able to compete in the new series.

Word around the paddock is that the FIA, which runs the European Rallycross, might be eyeing their own international rallycross series and would like to crush the GRC.


The World Rally Championship is still mostly a European affair and a rallycross series could be a nice way to drum up interest in other countries in advance, perhaps, of the WRC. They may also be envious of the success of GRC in the U.S. and think they can do better.

At this point it's just a rumor and we have feelers out to the FIA and Global RallyCross. Have you heard anything? You can drop some info in Kinja below anonymously using a burner account.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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