Illustration for article titled Is The Audi TT About To Transform Into A Five-Door Hatchback?

We've heard rumblings that Audi has plans to turn the all-new 2015 TT into a full line of cars, not just the two-door coupe and roadster we're familiar with. Maybe they'll start with this sketch of what appears to be a TT Sportback, which surfaced on the Internet this morning.


Germany's Auto Zeitung says the leaked image could preview a production version of a five-door hatchback TT, which could debut at the Paris Motor Show next week along with the just-unveiled TT Roadster.

The vehicle looks vaguely like an A7, but the German pub claims it's much shorter in size, aimed at the Mercedes-Benz CLA and positioned as a stylish alternative to the Audi A3. It would also feature Audi's new Virtual Cockpit and a 2.0-liter turbo four with 400 horsepower.

That last part seems overly optimistic to me, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if this TT Sportback gets greenlit. The concept certainly doesn't look bad from this sketch.

I'm still hoping for the Allroad Shooting Brake, myself.

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