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Never mind the naysayers; Lincoln is worth saving — Autoblog

Former Mercedes NA PR Chief Geoff Day provides his take on Lincoln. What do you think?

You should always be careful about the name you choose to give your new baby. The power of association can work in many ways, not always positive.

In Defense Of: The Acura RLX — The Truth About Cars


Leave it to TTAC to provide a different take on the RLX.

"There aren't many bad cars on the market," is the trope trotted out by auto reviewers when justifying their enthusiastic response to whatever is trotted out in front of them at the Lowes Santa Monica on Wave 2 of the latest press launch. The post-recession era is one where the quality of the average car has never been higher, at the expense of idiosyncratic flaws that give cars character. Sure, there are always the whipping boys of the market, namely cars people actually buy like unibody crossovers and some that people don't, like big, front-drive sedans.

GREAT RIVALRIES: Nelson Piquet vs. Nigel Mansell — Racer


Nice trip down memory lane.

It took just two races as teammates for the edginess to start. If Nigel Mansell's charge to second at Jerez in 1986, to finish just 0.014sec behind Ayrton Senna's Lotus-Renault, thrilled Formula 1 fans around the world, it also left an impression on Nigel's Williams-Honda teammate Nelson Piquet. This serious guy from Birmingham, UK, was a seriously fast driver, a seriously hard racer, and could be a serious title contender.