Is Kyle Sarasin Better Than Ken Block?

Up-and-coming rally driver Kyle Sarasin shows off his entertaining and skillful drifts while practicing at his home gymkhana fields in Michigan. Some say he's better than Ken Block. Others say he's an ass. What do you think?

Add one part beat up 2004 Subaru 2.5 RS, one part spare set of donut tires, a flare gun, a dirt parking lot, a mobile home and whole lot of dangerous hoonage and you've got yourself quite a spoof on Ken Block's epic Gymkhana Practice videos. While shooting a video like this on public roads is probably not the smartest idea, it's pretty enjoyable to watch. Just make sure you skip ahead to the 50 second mark where the action starts. (Hat Tip To Matthew & Dave!)


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Matt Brown

Somebody tell me if this is awesome. I gave up after thirty seconds of ads.