Is It Ever Justified to Mess With Someone's Car?

Of course, the short answer is an unequivocal no. But in life, circumstances are seldom as cut and dried as the law-enforcement community would lead us to believe. Thus comes today's question from commenter Altralosix:

I wait tables and bartend at a normal run-of-the-mill restaurant. A few days ago I noticed a shiny new Corvette parked outside totally horizontal, taking up three parking spaces. I love cars; I'd never mess with someone's ride, but I couldn't help but think "Man, I hope somebody with a big POS parks RIGHT next to that guy just to piss him off!" Well I just found out that the owner of said Corvette came in after he ate to find out if we had surveillance cameras outside because somebody threw a cigarette into his car — convertible-top down — and burned up one of the seats! Now I'm not saying whoever did that isn't a complete asshole, but parking your brand new convertible like that just screams "Please, screw with my car!" Further down the parking lot is pretty desolate, he could have just parked another 75 feet away, in a normal spot, and I doubt anybody would have considered doing that, but ...


Maybe the real question is "Have you ever wanted to mess with someone's car in retaliation, and why?" If you talk about it here, you may never have to do it in real life.

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