Is An Ariel Atom A Better Snowmobile Than A Snowmobile?

You have an Ariel Atom. You have studded snow tires. You have a frozen lake. You have a snowmobile. What do you do? Drag race. Of course.


Is an Ariel Atom better at snowmobiling than a snowmobile? This is really the only way to find out.

And now that I know you can put studs on an Atom, I need to try it immediately. It could be the thing that finally makes me not hate snow.


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William Clavey

It’s cause it’s a Polaris, that’s why. A BRP Ski-Doo MXZ-XRS equipped with the Rotax 800 E-tec would have detroyed the Atom.

Still. So much want for an Ariel Atom with studded tires.