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Is that even a valid question when Classic Recreation’s ‘68 Villain costs $150,000 compared to the Ford Mustang GT’s starting price of $33,125? You tell me.


The fastest classic cars didn’t get famous for their refinement. But that’s where pro-touring cars come in, keeping their stylish bodies but not much else, turning muscle cars into proper road huggers using independent suspensions, large brakes and all the power a sweet fuel-injected crate engine can provide.

Due to the wide arsenal of aftermarket parts and many hours of labor needed, these babies are rather expensive even if built by the pros instead of you and your buddies on weekends.


The new GT also comes with an independent suspension and sweet Brembo brakes if you opt for the Performance Pack. It’s heavier than a modified ‘68 of course, but that excess makes it a way more comfortable car and a proper daily driver.

The 2015 GT also starts at 33 grand. Spend another 30, and you might be able to beat that Villain on any track, still for less than half the price.

It won’t ever be as cool, but isn’t cheap thrills is what muscle cars are all about?


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