IRS Gives Biggest Tax Credit To New Ford Hybrids

Illustration for article titled IRS Gives Biggest Tax Credit To New Ford Hybrids

Now that the tax incentives to on the Toyota Prius have run out, the new king of the road for deductions are the hybrid offerings from Ford — the Hybrid Ford Escape and Hybrid Mercury Mariner two wheel drive. The taxman will be giving buyers of the twin hybrids up to $3,000 in deductions in an effort to offset the additional cost associated with purchase. Of course, if and when Ford ever manages to build 60,000 hybrids, those incentives will evaporate just as they have for the Prius. []


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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

@rkwadd: "Nobody gives a shit about Earth unless they don't have to change what they're doing."


Every Toyota Prius sale from the 2001 to about 2005, before fuel prices went up majorly, proves you wrong.

Every person who becomes a Sierra Club member proves you wrong.

Every person who is involved with 'hypermiling' their car regluarly proves you wrong.

Yeah, there are people that don't care... that's fine (well, not

really, but it's just a matter of time before they change their views

or die... just like with smoking, it takes time to change attitudes and


But it isn't everybody.

I personally become more and more of an environmentalist with each additional smog day there is in the Greater Toronto Area.

I don't have a Prius. I do have a 4 cyl Saab that I drive slowly

most of the time to save gas/reduce pollution. Also ride my bike to

work in the summer.

Not saying that's what everyone should do. But I am saying that's

it's more effective than just complaining about high fuel prices and

rising asthma rates.

A Prius pollutes way less than any beater... unless the beater is an

electric car or a used Prius. And if someone has the money and wants to

spend it, why not?