Iron Man Trailer Debuts, Features The Tony Stark Audi R8

The following is an e-mail plea from reader James, who's making an example of what we'd consider to be a very well thought out tip on his desire to see us post on the newly released trailer for Iron Man:

"True, the Iron Man Trailer has little to do with cars aside from the R8 in
the first shot, which you've already covered. But I still suggest you feature it for two reasons:

1. They got the song. If you don't know what song I mean, then shame, shame on you.

2. As indicated in reason 1, the overall awesomeness of the trailer, with its practical effects and gratuitous use of gorgeous heavy machinery, will certainly be appreciated by any group of people who recognize the awesomeness of the oldest, slowest, and most spontaneous-combustion-prone Lamborghini over the later models."

While we're not sure we'd agree with the "practical" nature of special effects of a man flying in an "iron" suit, we do give James an A for effort. Thus, while we won't be providing a copy of the trailer, we're more than happy to link folks to one — as well as provide a copy of the exercise in R8-Spotting above. Remember, you too can drop us a tip at if you've got a scoop for us you think we may have missed. [via YouTube]

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The lead-in music to Sabbath is by Filter, the lead singer of which is the brother of another big scary mechano-man, Robert Patrick, a.k.a. the T-1000. Is that soundtrack synergy, or what?