While the US has been getting a raft of Opels, rebadged under the Saturn brand, there's one Saturn that went the other way. It's the Sky, and Opel's selling it in Europe. But despite that it's neither an Opel nor a GT car, making it an ill-fitting descendant to the original "mini 'Vette" Opel GT, it's nonetheless worthy of Opel tuner Irmscher's attention. They've tweaked the 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo mill from 260 hp to 315 hp. That's none too shabby for a four banger. And considering the stock, 2,940-pound GT can get from zero to 60 in under six seconds, this one's probably quite a bit of fun. Let's see if the US aftermarket can perform a similar massage to a Saturn Sky Red Line. [via World Car Fans]