Iran Khodro Samand: Persian-French Stallion Now Available In Turkey!

You might think it's impossible to buy a new Peugeot 405-based Iran Khodro Samand without venturing into the Axis Of Evil itself, and that might lead to hassles from The Man. However, Iran Khodro is now selling the Samand in neighboring Turkey- a NATO ally! We'd prefer a Paykan, of course, but an Iranian-built French car is almost as cool as an Iranian-built British car.


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Rob Emslie

The voice-over says (and my Turkish is very poor) that if you buy this car, you get ABS, power seats, and men with mustaches to fix it when it breaks. He also says (and again, I'm translating here) that should you die in this car, you will get 80 new cars that have never been sat-in when you get to heaven. He also says something about how virile the horse is, but I can't make out whether he is saying he is a "front" or a "back".