Video of a man selling the safety benefits of a custom steering wheel mount for an iPad is spreading like herpes across the web today. It's horrible, infuriating and also a complete fake.

The video purports to be a real "safety device" being sold on the website Ignoring the ridiculous premise of the device, there are a few hints this advice is a fake. First, the "buy" page says the company is sold out. Second, the "patent" for the technology links to a patent for duct tape.

The biggest clue? This product endorsement:

... the iPad Steering Wheel Mount is the "must-have" iPad accessory for anyone who spends significant time behind the wheel of an automobile. — Stanley Milgram

For those who aren't aware, Stanley Milgram is famous for the Milgram Expirment wherein test subjects were forced to shock others in order to determine if people will follow authority even if they think someone is doing something wrong. Milgram died in 1984.


It sounds like the perpetrators of this hoax are attempting a bit of human social psychology themselves.

[ via The Car Lounge]