We know despite our own usual disinterest with America's favorite racing series, there's at least a few of you NASCAR fans out there. Even for those of us who aren't fans of the always-turning-one-way-action there's one thing we can all come together on for entertainment value: the crashes. It may be the dirty little secret of NASCAR fans, which is why we're so ready to pounce on this idea with such reckless abandon. Thanks to the folks at SpeedTV, we've been able to create a mashup of all of the fantastic crashes from the past weekend of circular racing action โ€” we're calling it "Monday Morning NASCrash". It'll be all the big bang-ups from all three NASCAR series of the past weekend: Sprint Cup, Craftsman Trucks, and the Junior Varsity Nationwide Series. Yes, whether you call 'em wrecks, bang-ups, or fender-benders, we can all enjoy a good, clean racing accident at the expense of someone else. [via The SPEED Report]