It's been almost two years since I took this gig running Jalopnik. In that time I've found we've become so big I can't steer it alone anymore. Luckily, I've found the right person for Deputy Editor — John Krewson.

Over the past two years I've been running the show here at Jalopnik, we've seen traffic more than double, a gas crisis come and go and not one, but two automakers go bankrupt. All the while, I've been looking for the right person to help me continue to make this site the best auto culture and news outlet the world's ever seen. Although I realized John would be perfect for the job from the start, it took some convincing, cajoling and promises of cars (accomplished through his occasional contributions to the site) to pry John away from the comfort of The Onion.

John was one of The Onion's very first writers, first contributing to the award-winning satire publication during its humble Wisconsin campus-weekly incarnation in 1991, a fact of which he is extremely proud, while driving a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle, of which he now acknowledges, he is not.

Since then he has served as an Onion staff writer, head writer, and assistant editor, was the paper's first daily-features editor and founded the Onion Sports section — of which he is now the editor — all while driving a BMW 2002, a Ford F150, three Mazda Miatas, half a dozen motorcycles and for reasons passing all understanding, a Volkswagen Golf.


John's tenure at the Onion coincides with, and may or may not be a factor in, the paper winning a number of Webby awards, a Car and Driver "Ten Best Winners And Losers" citation (in the "Winners" category), and the Thurber Prize for American Humor. John currently lives in Brooklyn, where he drives anything anyone lets him.

But John's not been content to merely make things up about sports for a living. He's also a lover of all the realms we love here at Jalopnik. From planes, to space travel, to the future and even the days of future past, John understands the cult of cars is more than just about what you drive to work — it's about transporting oneself from the present to the future.

John will be finishing up his assignments at The Onion on August 10th, just in time to join us for our annual coverage of the Woodward Dream Cruise. Please join me as we bring John further into the Jalopnik-verse and welcome him into his new role.