International Scout - Makes CXT Question its Maniliness

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Growing up as I did in hillbillyville, the normal set of dream vehicles didn't necessarily apply to my tooth-challenged compadres. They lusted after a totally different set of conveyances than the Countaches and F40's of the day. Among them was the International Harvester Scout. This brutish two door is held in high regard by much of the off-roading and redneck community for its simplicity, ruggedness, and ber-manly design. If chest hair and grunting have an automotive idol, it's the IH Scout. Introduced in 1961 after only a two-year development cycle, the Scout was initially a modest offering, a runabout with an anemic 93-hp four cylinder and some offroading capability. That changed in 1965 with introduction of two V8's, and creature comforts like bucket seats and electric windshield wipers. Things got really serious in '75 with the Scout II. Seems that some engineers got hold of a Scout and applied their book learnin' to make it a real off-road monster. By 1980 (the last model year) it was only offered with 4wd and a V8. Might as well go out with a bang, right?

International Harvester of Sorrows: A Pickup for Pigs


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