Insider Trading at Daimler Chrysler Probed

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Woe to you, DaimlerChrysler, oh earth and sea. For the federales bring the Number-crunchers of the Beast! Hot on a bribery investigation by the US Justice Department (and a booze-party scandal involving new boss Dieter Zetsche's wife), German regulators are investigating possible insider trading within DaimlerChrysler. Allegations arose after a routine check by a German financial-services watchdog firm, following a jump in DaimlerChrysler's stock value that came suspiciously on the heels of the announcement, last month, that chief executive Juergen Schrempp would step down. Sell, Mortimer, sell!


DCX stock dealing probed [Detroit Free Press]

Wife of New Daimler Boss in Booze Scandal [internal]

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