Inside VW's Hush-Hush SiliValley Facility

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While their lab's not as small or as much of a secret as the Magic Mountain-based laboratory in KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, VW may have the technology to create a robotic Ace Frehley. Then again, maybe they don't...yet. But they are working on a robotic vehicle for the DARPA Grand Challenge, glass that can go from clear to dark in two seconds, working with companies like Palm on Bluetooth interfaces, and looking far into the future of automotive electronics.


A future so distant, mere mortals' brains could scramble at the most meager attempt at comprehension of the technology that lies ahead. Their lab in Palo Alto, California holds all. We must find a way inside. Until Denton finally lets us borrow his rumored TechnoCloak-O-Stealth, here're some tidbits to tide you over.

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