Inside the Tokyo Traffic Center

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Our brother site unnaturally obsessed with shiny new toys has a cool gallery up of the Tokyo Traffic center. Apparently it's a place where a team of dedicated compulsive-obsessive bureaucrats work round-the-clock to make sure the city's ginormous infrastructure of roads and twisting mess of highways don't grind to a complete halt. This team uses a very high-tech system of huge multi-unit TV screens, LCD panels and one analog clock to help to make sure the mess o' roads don't become a mess o' traffic. See how we'd like our living room entertainment center to look via the link below. (Hat tip to Richard Blakeley!) [Gizmodo]


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Frank Grimes

dude that clock is ridiculously crappy. What did they forget to get a clock on the first day of work and have one of the janitors pick it up on his lunch break down a the convenience store. seriously get a clock with

DEFCON conditions and flashing lights and stuff. not some piece of crap hanging by some wire where ever it would fit.