One episode of Bradley Farrell's "Inside Project M" documentary on Bertone's new concept left before the car's officially unveiled. For now, there's this new teaser shot that's got us asking, is it Nissan GT-R-based?

Here's what we know so far:

1.) The Shanghai car will be a styling model not the real car

2.) The actual car will be released on on the track April 23 at the Balocco proving grounds near Turin for a VIP showing let me know if you would like to come and I can make sure you can get in I can also get you a exclusive interview with Jason as well?

3.) On April 25 and 26, the Bertone one-off will have its first public outing on the lawn at the concours d'elegance at Villa d'Este on Lake Como.

4.) perhaps the biggest news is it's a front-engine car so that kills the Lamborghini theory despite many believing it was going to be on a Lambo chassis.

5.) The car will have a full greenhouse effect like P4/5

6.) The car will be 250 lbs lighter, be all carbon fiber with better areo and downforce then the donor shell.

What we don't know? Whether it'll be made from a Nissan GT-R body as Edmunds Inside Line believes. Of course, they think everything is a GT-R, don't they? But regardless of their GT-R-gasm, those design lines leading up to the rear wheels, combined with the rear wheel arches shown near the end of this latest YouTube video look very GT-R like. Here's the frame screen capture, tell us what you think. [Inside Project M]