Inside McLaren's Secret Stash Of Formula 1 History

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Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were recently filmed walking through the McLaren Formula 1 team's warehouse of old cars. This video is rumored to be unscripted. Get ready to geek out on some serious Senna.

McLaren's PR people seem to have a knack for genuinely memorable videos — stuff that spreads the cult of the team/company/legend without coming off as manipulative or cheesy. This is the latest. It's rumored to be unscripted, with Button and Hamilton, the company's current F1 drivers, wandering through the team's rolling stock. The best part comes at the end, when the two men discuss what the cars — long, fat-tired, and gloriously primitive by modern standards — must have been like to drive.


Ayrton Senna, we salute you. You changed my life, you wonderful flawed dead man, you, and it looks like you made an impact on a couple of other folks, too.


[via 0-60]

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Wow, you can tell Senna's car meant a lot to Lewis Hamilton. There's no writing or acting there.

This kind of stuff must be a great perk of being an F1 driver. Sure you have to put up with a lot of press and the FIA keep changing the rules. All. The. Time. But if I basked in the highs, endured the lows, clawed my way to the top and raced for a team with a history like McLaren's, it would all pay off if I could have a similar experience to this. To sit in history.

Although, because I'm a little shorter in the tooth than these two, my equivalent would probably be one of Schumacer's Ferraris, or Damon Hill's Number '0' Williams Renault. I sat in a Jordan car once back in 1998 (I was 6). I can still remember it.