Insecta Concept Draws Inspiration From Grasshoppers, Decepticons

Shao Yung Yeh, a 22-year-old Taiwanese design student at Cheng Kung University created the aptly named single-seat Insecta Concept (yes, you heard that right — an InsectaCon cept — nice Transformers reference, eh?) after being inspired by a grasshopper. With leg-like suspension arms that can raise and lower depending upon traffic and road conditions, the Insecta is Shao's interpretation of a personal-mobility city car. The concept is theoretically powered by a motor at each wheel while the battery pack sits in the car's abdomen and is able to adjust the car's center of gravity, ostensibly by moving fore and aft. We hope it also controls the car's air conditioning, as the Insecta reminds us of nothing more than a greenhouse on four wheels.
[Carbodydesign via Carscoop]


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