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I could never get into skiing. I mean, just your floppy vulnerable meat-sack of a body on two slippery devil-sticks is pretty dangerous, not to mention a bit too quiet for my tastes. Wouldn’t it be better in the nice, safe, noisy confines of a race truck? Going downhill seems too easy, too. Why not blast up the mountain?

Behold, the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge, held annually at the Schuss Mountain Snow Resort in Bellaire, Michigan. Two off-roaders hooning up a mountain side-by-side. Some make it! Others get stuck. Either way, it looks like a rowdy good time.

Getting traction up the hill looks like a real beast, especially after a big hole has been dug from all the starters.

This is the kind of winter mountain sport I can truly get into. If you can make it up the hill like it’s no big deal, that’s quite the feat!


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