Insane Carbon-Fiber Drift Ferrari Gets BMW V8

Say what now? The headline may contain words unlikely to share each others' company, but the build is real. It's from Sweden's SVK Customs, and by "it," I mean a Ferrari 550 GTR: carbon-fiber body, BMW heart, drift-car steering angle.

This is one drift car you'll be loathe to put into a wall during a battle against Vaughn Gittin Jr. The shop fabricated its own carbon-fiber body kit for the now-widebody 550 — 7.15 feet wide in the rear and 6.99 in the front. To make sure both sides were symmetrical, they used a 3D scanner on the first side and then used a CNC mill to mill polystyrene plugs to fabricate the other side, using CAD drawings made from the 3D scans. Tech = high.


The suspension and uprights are also custom, as are the center-bolt hubs, though the racing airjacks (of course it's got airjacks) are from AP.


As per the requirements of the drifting milieu, the 550's steering angle will be in the neighborhood of 55 degrees. Did someone say angle of attack? Yes they did.

For motive power, SVK is keeping the Ferrari drivetrain, but swapping in a BMW V8 they had lying around the shop. Apparently the V12 can't withstand more than 600 hp. These guys want four digits on the dyno.


And (if you can tamp down that urge toward righteous automotive indignation long enough), you'll want to check out the parts of this build thread dealing with carbon-fiber fabrication work. CF geeks will indeed get a raging carbie over this stuff.


BTW, if the Ferrari's not your thing, the thread also spotlights a few other of the shop's projects, including a Mercedes-Benz 500E W124 converted to touring-car spec, A carbon-fiber Cosworth Escort (CarbonCossie), a carboned-out Skyline and the shop owner's M5 powered 635 CSI and BMW 3.0 S. Serious shop-crush time.

And they still have time for a quick Maserati engine swap, just for fun. Epic shop is epic. Getting inspired for winter projects yet? (Hat-tip to Canaille!)


[via Driftworks]

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