Okay, to you, a sniveling, boring person, see a Canadian maniac on an aquatic RAMPAGE, splashing unsuspecting pedestrians. Me, a hero? I see a Canadian doing their polite Canadian duty, and cooling off their fellow travelers on a hot summer’s day. Anyway, the van guy was fired.

So sayeth the CBC:

The driver of a van who was filmed splashing pedestrians near the University of Ottawa has been fired, according to both Ottawa police and the company the driver worked for.

Dash cam video emerged online late last week of a white Black & McDonald van that appeared to be intentionally veering toward large puddles on King Edward Avenue and soaking people on the sidewalk.


But is this merely a case of a crazed van driver on the loose, splashing about to hither and yon, ensoakening his fellow Canadians, breaching the sacred Canadian values of politeness and aridity?

I declare that it is not, as the temperature on July 27, 2018 (the date of the timestamp on the video) in Ottawa, Canada, was a muggy and gross 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Our guy in the van was just helping people cool off.

People of Canada:

GET A POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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