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Inflatable Gorilla Still Missing After Being Stolen From Dealership

Image: Corpus Christi Fiat
Image: Corpus Christi Fiat

Kong, a large inflatable gorilla, was stolen from a Texas car dealership this weekend. His handlers, Corpus Christi Fiat, are concerned that if he is not returned home he may pose a danger by offering HUGE SAVINGS to those that may not qualify for such discounts.


According to the Corpus Christi Caller Times, security camera footage shows the gorilla-nappers deflating the large beast and making off with it just before 5 a.m. Sunday morning. Kong is valued at $10,000.

Police provided a description so that the captured Kong is not confused with other free roaming inflatable gorillas in the area. They said:

It’s a large black gorilla, wearing white sunglasses, red shorts and it’s holding a yellow car above his head.


If happen to see an extremely chill inflatable gorilla ready to hurl a car in your direction, do not engage with it. I repeat, do not engage. Inflatable gorillas can be dangerous; do not let the relaxed nature of the sunglasses and shorts fool you. In addition, you may not be prepared for the HUGE SAVINGS.

If you have any information as to Kong’s whereabouts, contact Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers 361-888-8477.

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REO Jackwagon

Maybe if they get an inflatable banana, he will come back.