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Infiniti G35X Practicing Bait And Switch Pricing?

Illustration for article titled Infiniti G35X Practicing Bait And Switch Pricing?

Looks like Nissan's Infiniti brand has some splainin' to do with regard to their online pricing. Tipster Steve D pointed us to a bit of pricing which we agree seems a bit odd. Seems the online car builder on the Infiniti website says the price of the "Sport Package" is included in the price of the G35X at no charge. After a quick ring to the local area Infiniti dealer, this was confirmed as a situation which is less than true. Actually the salesman on the other end of the line had to stifle a guffaw when asked if the sport package was indeed included. Seems "included" actually means "$1,100" when speaking about Infinitis. We're not terribly surprised to hear this considering what's included in the package:

• Viscous Limited-Slip rear Differential (VLSD)
• Solid-magnesium paddle shifters mounted on steering column
• Split 7-spoke 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with W-rated summer performance tires
• Larger brakes
• Unique front fascia and side sills
• Front sport seats with thigh extension and driver's power torso and thigh support
• Unique sport steering wheel stitching
• Aluminum pedals


That's a pretty healthy pile of parts for free, or actually not really free. Wonder if they'll be fixing the little boo boo now?

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Rob Emslie

I once wanted to open a store that sold nothing but fishing equipment and lighting dimmers.

I would have called it Bait & Switch.