IndyCar Series To Drop Cylinders, Add Turbos For 2011

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The current naturally-aspirated 3.5-liter V8 Honda engines used in Indy cars will be long gone come 2011. In their place will be either six- or four-cylinder mills boosted by one or two turbochargers. The changes will be discussed in a meeting next month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but for now there's some debate as to which type of engine should be used. Erik Berkman, president of Honda Performance Development, said:

"(the debate) is over four (cylinders) or six... But both of them include turbos," Barnhart said... One of them includes twin turbos."


We're assuming that means the decision is between either a twin-turbo four-banger or a single-turbo V6. But who knows? Maybe they're considering a twin-turbo V6. Allegedly, the reason for all the change is to stay relevant with fans and to increase fuel economy. We think Honda is just fishing for some competition. [GreenCarCongress]

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Well Roberto Moreno, what do you think?

"Well, the V-6 Turbo for me gave me pole in the indy 500, so I say I like the V-6"

How did your first lap go in the Indy 500?

"What now?"

(Roberto promptly installed the car into the concrete on the back stretch of the warm up lap while heating his tires so that he could watch the entirety of the race like a normal person (not like a professional race driver who just got pole for the Indy 500!))

...mumbles something about still being bitter