Verizon IndyCar Series Conor Daly actually taking a pit stop at Texas Motor Speedway, which he should have done off of the race track as well. Photo credit: Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

To say that a professional race-car driver running out of gas in a street car is like an NBA star missing a layup would be somewhat inaccurate. It’s more like an NBA star missing a layup on a four-foot goal with bright, illuminated signs all around the rim saying “BALL GOES HERE.”

You see, drivers don’t have to rely on a crew chief or pit crew for knowing when and how to fuel the everyday street cars you see out on the road. Street cars come with these handy-dandy tools that tell you how warm your engine is, what speed you’re driving, and, gasp, how much fuel is in the tank.

But that wasn’t enough for Verizon IndyCar Series driver Conor Daly, who managed to casually run a street car out of gas the other day. He posted a tweet of shame about it, ending it with “#shouldhavepitted.”


Yes, Conor, that probably would have been a good idea.